Welcome to my new website. I am David, PhD in mathematical physiology, especially in renal physiology and calcium/phosphate metabolism. I have a great interest for new technologies especially those dedicated to improve the learning process, as well as scientific collaboration. I often noticed that some scientific topics are really complex, thereby classical courses may not be sufficient to integrate all this complexity. During the past 5 years, I built several mathematical models from developmental biology (somitogenesis) to calcium and phosphate homeostasis. Due to the huge number of equations and parameters, it can be difficult to broadcast this kind of model, especially among the biological/medical community. Therefore, I decided to spend a part of my time to develop web based applications of these models, with a user-friendly interface, which will be (I hope) used in the academic field. Luckily, it turns out that the wonderful Shiny package provided by RStudio, in addition to a lot of other packages, are suitable for such a goal. A great part of this website will be focused on the development of these applications, even though I will also write tutorials for specific packages. Meanwhile, I will continue to develop and improve my models, to ensure their scientific relevancy.