About RinteRface

January 4, 2019 ยท 2 minute read


I recently created the RinteRface plateform in order to enhance the R shiny interface experience. Indeed, shiny is great, no doubts about that, yet the design might be sometimes quite redundant. There are currently some interesting libraries to improve shiny apps look such as shinymaterial, shiny.semantic, but this is definitely not enough.

Our Goal(s)

RinteRface has 3 main goals:

  • provide shiny with new original templates
  • improving already existing templates (ie. shinydashboard…)
  • supply with a consulting service

Our packages

We currently have 3 main packages:

  • shinydashboardPlus, which brings significant improvements to shinydashboard
  • bs4Dash, shinydashboardPlus little brother, using bootstrap 4 for a radical design refreshment
  • argonR and argonDash, a fancy new HTML template based on bootstrap 4

Additionally, we provide some interesting supplemental libraries. shinyEffects aims at animating shiny HTML elements, thereby potentially enhancing user experience.

John Coene generously shared two of his own packages, namely:

We also have exprimental packages such as: - shinyF7, which is similar to miniUI but with more customisation option for mobiles. - shinyUIkit, a wrapper around the UIkit framework. - and a lot more


You will find more demonstrations on our shiny server. We are actively seeking for shiny apps using our packages. Should you be interesting to be showcase, please send us a mail.


For any consulting request, please send a mail to David Granjon.